Impressive TouRig Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van

At the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we spotted the only true campervan at the entire show in the Dometic booth.  Of course we had to get a closer look.  Turns out the camper van is a class B RV built by TouRig on a Mercedes Sprinter 170 4×4 chassis. Larry the owner of the conversion van is also part of the Marketing Team for Dometic and he gave us a full walk through.

Dometic Outdoors makes a ton of gear for camping, overlanding, and boating. Incorporating Dometic brand RV appliances in this build was a no brainer.  In addition, Larry collaborated with TouRig adventure builder known for their luxurious high performance expedition vehicles built on Sprinter and Transit vans. Starting from the outside, there is Roambuilt roof rack, front and back bumpers from Backwoods Adventure Mods and black Rhino rims.

Perhaps the one thing that really makes this build unique is that there are doors on both sides and 2 awnings! Just because we haven’t seen it done by traditional builders, clearly it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. In this van you can open up both doors to bring more of the outdoors in and enjoy all the vanlife scenery.  The interior green gray aluminum cabinets with walnut countertops creates a cozy warm feeling. The window coverings and privacy shades are all made by TouRig.

The onboard appliances include an induction stove, 12 volt fridge, 12 volt Air Conditioner and FanTastic fan all from Dometic.  In addition, there is 300 Watts of Lithium batteries from Battleborn batteries and Zamp solar panels which is also part of the Dometic family. The heating system is the Proheat X30 from Dometic. Proheat X30 auxillary heater is a heavy-duty diesel heater capable of working at 16,000 feet elevation. The van has a cassette toilet and outdoor shower.

Some of the cool accessories that Larry uses in his camper van include Magma nesting cookware that can go straight from an induction stove to an outdoor grill. Stasher reusable silicone ziplock bags and containers for multi-purpose use as you see fit. Check out the video for more details about this great camper van build as well as the new 2022 product line from Dometic.