ZenVanz stunning bamboo inspired adventure Vans

ZenVanz offers everything from DIY kits to build your very own van life camper van to complete stunning bamboo inspired Mercedes Sprinter adventure van conversions. Oregon-based Builder is an expert at outfitting the most popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van for overland adventure. Founded by architectural and interior designer and a general contractor, Zenvanz has one of the most ingenious solutions to starting your vanlife.  Using flexible and light weight bamboo, Zenvanz modular interiors outfit the Sprinter with everything from kitchens, loft beds, showers and storage.

ZenVanz Elegant Bamboo Sprinter Van
ZenVanz DIY Base Kit Model

All Zenvanz adventure vans are made to be easily upgradable and removable… allowing easy access to things like wiring and removal to take your Sprinter van back to its stock interior. They offer complete turn-key vehicles custom built to your needs or DIY cabinetry kits.

Do-it-yourself conversion kits like this gorgeous setup can make it much faster and easier to build out a camper van.  Their elegantly designed kit is very simple to install using factory holes, without damaging your van walls, and all of the components can just as easily be removed.  In this in depth interview with Founder/Designer Bryan, we go over all the features, options, availability and pricing.

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ZenVanz Beautiful Bamboo Sprinter Interiors Are A Work Of Art & Craftsmanship
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By Hank and Lola Strange

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